The fundamental challenge in financial forensics stems from the wide range of technical disciplines that must be considered in financial forensic assignments.

Forensics is not about dead bodies, blood, autopsies or TV shows. Financial forensics is the specialty practice area of accounting and investigating that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. “Forensic” means, “Suitable for use in a court of law”, and it is to that standard and potential outcome that forensic accountants generally have to work. We work closely with attorneys and clients on every facet of the assignment from investigation to settlement.

We have a collection of an estimated 270 tool and techniques that we constantly use in our assignments, for example: Forensic Indices, Benford’s Law, Forensic Lexicology, Statistical Analysis, More…

The services offered are not industry-specific and apply to a wide range of disciplines. The firm assists with the following types of cases:

Corporate Fraud and Embezzlement

Marital Dissolution and Family Law


 Wrongful Termination

 Alter Ego/Corporate Disregard


 Internal Investigations and Regulatory Compliance

 Financial Statement Examination and Reconstruction

 Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes

 Tax Controversy and Tax Fraud

 Search for Hidden Assets

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